Throughout my career, I have been involved in efforts to ensure equal opportunity and fair treatment. We all agree that Pennsylvania needs a fair system to choose the leaders who will represent us in government, that all of us deserve to be treated fairly by our government, and that we share in the responsibility of building a brighter future we all deserve. As our State Senator, I will work to achieve equity in our Commonwealth. I will stand up for the rights and fair treatment for every member of our community regardless of gender, race, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation, I will continue my lifelong commitment to equity as our State Senator.


Fair Districts

In a democracy, everyone’s voice matters equally, and everyone’s voice should be heard by the people they elect to represent them. When legislative districts are drawn to favor one political party over another, our representatives are choosing their constituents, and the true voice of our community is silenced. I will work to restore our voice in government and fight to make sure that legislative districts are fairly structured so that we can choose our representatives and make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.


Our community values fiscal responsibility, and true fiscal responsibility means that everyone pays their fair share to achieve our common goals and that our elected officials act as good stewards of our tax dollars and invest our money wisely.

In Pennsylvania, personal income taxes are flat for everyone. However, the PA House and Senate have found unique and creative ways to increase taxes on all of us, while giving huge tax breaks to the corporations who fund their campaign through their PACs and lobbyists.

Longstanding loopholes, like the infamous Delaware Loophole, allow large corporations to get away with paying no taxes at all, increasing the tax burden placed on the small businesses that create jobs right here in our community. At the same time, the failure of our legislature to adequately fund education at the state level forces local school districts to continue raising our property taxes year after year.

We must level the playing field for individuals and families by closing tax loopholes so that large corporations pay their fair share, and adequately fund education at the state level to stop skyrocketing property taxes.

I will also work to invest our tax dollars so that we are creating economic growth and good paying jobs capable of sustaining a family. This will attract more employers and more workers to Pennsylvania, which lowers the tax burden on everyone. Together, we can achieve sensible and fair taxation that allows us to build a brighter future without increasing property taxes on the people and families that make our community a great place to live.